Pre-Wedding Shoot Burghley – Autumn at Burghley Park is a wonderful time, colour and lovely soft light where abundant as Kara & Jon took a walk with me for their pre-wedding shoot. The wonderful thing about autumn is that from one day to the next everything can change, so on this day we where fortunate everything looked amazing. It was mid November, one month before Kara & Jon would be back here to tie the knot and the colours and uneven shapes of the historic trees in Burghley where ours to use we wished.

            I love any opportunity to photograph people, I guess thats why I chose to make a living doing just that! There is simply something uniquely exciting about photographing somebody for the very first time. The sense of anticipation, a challenge of the unknown if you like, I suppose its bit a like a first date in some ways (although its be a while since I went on one of those!) Moreover, we have a perfect opportunity to get to know a little more about each other, each couple get to know me a little. In return I can observe how they interact, hold hands, talk and look for support in one another. I do this partly in front of camera but also whilst we chat and perhaps talk about honeymoon plans, or how drunk the best man will get. I want to learn how people behave when their guard comes down and sometimes this calls for a conversation rather pointing a camera. This is one reason why I believe its fundamentally important that feeling comfortable and having confidence not only in front of camera but actually in the person creating the photograph leads to the very best results.

With out further delay, I hope you enjoy a glimpse of Kara’s & Jon’s pre-wedding shoot at Burghley Park and I will be posting a gallery from their wedding at Burghley House in the coming weeks.

If you’d like more details let me know a little about your plans and we’ll talk