Burghley House Wedding at Christmas | Kara & Jonathan

The early morning mist began to lift. As I made my way through the parkland the full glory Burghley House came into view. A seemingly timeless classic scene greeted me as I arrived at Bottle Lodges where wonderful Christmas decorations adorned each room. With just a week until Christmas this was the day Kara and Jonathan would marry in Burghley house chapel. The scene looked like something preserved from a bygone time or preserved within a classic tale.  I find it intriguing and very special to witness the way a family unite together; like a small glimpse into a world which otherwise takes place behind doors closed to public view. On this special day however I’d been invited in to photograph and record all of it. Festivities started in high spirits as Kara’s parents, sister and little niece all helped Kara with her preparations, as well as ensuring all was set for the party which would later fill their home.

Later that morning calming the nerves in the company of good friends I found Jon; sharp suited with immaculately groomed mustache, brandy in hand at The George Hotel a few hundred yards down the road from where Kara readied herself. I joined the guys for a while to record their time together before Jon commenced the next chapter of life on a new journey.

I’ve known Kara for a few years now and I was delighted when she approached me to photograph her and Jon’s Burghley House wedding at Christmas in 2017. Through my photo’s I record life, emotion, feelings and moments big and small. My brief was to shoot it all, in just the same way Kara had seen through my previous work; to get them both as they are, enjoying what would be a relaxed celebration with friends and family. No contrived fake photos, posing or uncomfortable guests. With those words loudly singing to the tune of my  shooting style this was going to be a day full of making real photographs to capture the significant, the funny and those moments which would later evoke powerful memories. Seeking light,shape and emotions in the darkened rooms of Burghley House along with moments of all types was the order of the day. In the lead up we’d taken some time to walk and talk about the wedding whilst I took photos for their pre-shoot. You can see their photos from this session and read more about why I find most couples enjoy the opportunity in a separate blog post here.

I’m aware that weddings rarely take place in Burghley Chapel; however I’m reliably informed there have only been approx 3 wedding in the chapel during the last 100 years or so. Thankfully I have had the pleasure to bare witness and photograph two of them, although I fear I may have been a little young for the other one!

This is a collection of my favourites and highlights from Kara and Jon’s Burghley House wedding day. Check out more wedding photography from Burghley House here

Kara’s walk through the historic corridors of Burghley leads her to the Chapel where Jon awaits her arrival
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas

Burghley House Wedding at Christmas
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas – Guest arrive for the wedding ceremony

All Set!!
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas
Burghley House Wedding at Christmas – Kara looking amazing as she walks down the historic aisle in Burghley Chapel
The Lady of the House – Miranda Rock. Cousin to the 8th Marquess of Exeter