Thankfully, if you’re feeling a little camera shy about your wedding day there's plenty we can do to help so that you both feel and look great!

Here’s how I can help you combat camera shyness & get camera ready
Its completely normal to not like having your photo taken. But as this is your wedding day we're talking about hopefully you also value how you will look back and remember your wedding in the years to come?

Thankfully I can help and have tried and tested ways which will help couples feel much better about having pictures taken.

Read on and find out how to bag those much wanted great looking wedding day photos. Plus find out: Whats included, What your photos could like & Get pricing too.

1. How we'll capture your wedding story...

I'll work discretely around you and your guests to photograph your wedding day naturally without interruption.

90%+ of your photos will be candidly taken in the moment. No posing and no direction, 100% natural! This sensitive approach helps everyone relax around the camera including you.

Your photo collection will be a complete story and will include authentic, soulful photos so that in years to come you will relive the atmosphere and remember the people and setting where it all took place.

As well as the expected group photos we’ll create natural, unposed photos together soaking up all your venue has to offer.

Abi & Jez | Braceborough Hotel, Lincoln,
"Not only is Pete a really lovely guy but he is incredibly talented and easy to work with.....

Just book him now!

On our actual wedding day Pete was just incredible, I can't explain his presence in any other way than to say it felt as though we had a friend with us throughout the day.

He was so incredibly reassuring and seamlessly became a part of our day."

2. What happens before your day?

You will have time with me before your day. A low key pre-wedding shoot & pre-wedding build up designed to help you feel more comfortable with what I photograph and how it looks.

Peace of mind & knowledge help build confidence massively. Steps are in place to help you rid camera shyness including:

1 - Knowledge
- Firstly, I’ll explain how I create photos and exactly what you can expect from me on your wedding day. We'll remove uncertainty about what the photos may look like and where I'll be throughout the day too.


See how your wedding photos could look and feel.
Sit back, turn the sound up and enjoy the short photo film below


2. Before your wedding day Cont'd

2. Practical - You’ll practice being with me on a low key shoot. Its a fun and zero pressure environment where I’ll learn about you, understand how you both act naturally and then incorporate those great things to help create natural photos.

I'll share tried and tested techniques to help you build confidence and will share ways to look great standing and walking with one another.

Couples photo's on the day.. We’ll be sure to keep relaxed and give ourselves time away from prying eyes of guests.

Our pre-wedding session will really come to the fore and we'll have fun, keep moving and create fantastic natural photos in the best parts of your venue.

3. What's Included...

- Wedding day coverage 7 -12 hours
- Wooden USB with approx 700 photos
- Wedding album - Option to include album
- Pre-wedding shoot & meeting (option)
- Online gallery & Photo film

You can print & share your photos and because an album is not mandatory you can add one later

From start to end you'll receive lots of great support, advice and help!

4. The million dollar question! How much?

You can commission me to photograph your wedding day starting from just £995.00

Commission rates are based on coverage time & wedding album choice.

Reach out and I'll share more on how easy it is for you to get photos like those you've just seen. Plus, I will explain more about how we can combat any nerves or camera shyness:)

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