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Peter Redhead Photography

Hi I’m Pete Redhead, I’ve been a full time professional wedding photographer for nearly a decade.

As you’d imagine I meet and speak with lots of wedding couples searching for their wedding photographer.

Early in my career I discovered many couples who struggled to find the right combination of the natural photographs they longed for but with true confidence in a high end service.

The challenge - How could I help wedding couples realise more of the photographs they wanted from their wedding day and also demonstrate the true value that great support and service would mean to them?

After all wouldn’t most of us look for exactly the same reassurance in other walks of life when making a significant investment!

The solution - A fresh simple approach

Today I provide a simplified 'Start-to-End' wedding photography solution which is tailored to your unique needs.

I guide you effortlessly from the time you commission, throughout your wedding and then designing the keepsake album.

I provide and make accessible invaluable information and support you need to beprepared, relaxed and feel confident being photographed throughout your wedding day.

We take advantage of and apply the most powerful learning points from 10 years listening to and learning from wedding couples.

We'll work together and get to know each other before your wedding; including a light hearted no pressure pre-wedding shoot.

I want you to know that I have your back, always work with your best interests at heart and am passionate about creating the best most emotionally powerful collection of wedding photographs for you to enjoy forever.

Real Photos | Real Weddings | Real Memories

So whether you have a clear vision for your wedding day or you’re starting out on your search for your wedding photographer its simple to get started here.

Peter Redhead | Deeping St Nicholas, Lincs

My short film

Shot back in 2013 this short film outlines my reasons and approach to working with couples and photographing a wedding


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