Glenn & Yvonne’s wedding ceremony was held in The Talbot Hotel one of Oundle’s most well known historic landmark buildings. My Photography coverage from this wedding and some others can be seen in my album which the hotel have on display in the reception area. I am delighted The Talbot Hotel officially recommend Peter Redhead Photography to their wedding clients.

On this particular spring day much of my photography coverage was very observational, the emphasis being to record the wedding guests as well as bride and groom during the many changing events of their wedding day.

Like so many other brides and grooms, Glenn & Yvonne planned their day around their civil wedding ceremony, family and closest friends. However; they decided to dispense some of the more common tradition’s such as seeing each other before the ceremony. So their wedding day and my coverage began with drinks outside and in the main bar.

Some might say that as weddings go the format of this wedding was somewhat unorthodox, but I’d say everything was just fantastic!

Wedding Photography at The Talbot Hotel in Oundle

The main dining room is very light and airy, lunch was served following plenty of mingling . From this point onwards the photo below explains the plans for the rest of the day so I’ll leave my explanation at that.

After a magnificent food (If you’ve not eaten here it really is worth trying!) followed informal speeches before we all took to the courtyard garden for drinks and games.


Yvonne took to her room to begin the transformation to becoming a bride whilst Glenn relaxed in the garden in what I’m told are his year round trademark sandals!

I’d planned to shoot some pre-ceremony photographs with Yvonne, who was a natural in front of the camera. What’s more with the company of her Mum we had created a lovely fun little trio with plenty of happiness, anticipation and laughter. I wanted to capture a sense of her energy and excitement.

The Talbot hotel’s Whitwell Room had been setup with guests arranged in arc facing the bride and groom.

I was able to photograph the wedding ceremony and there were some lovely touching moments as well as plenty of humour as Glenn and Yvonne’s personalities came to the fore.

After the Ceremony – Shooting candid and documentary style images is great in The Talbot Hotels courtyard garden. Guests where entertained with lawn games and of course a drink or two.

For around 20 mins I shot formal family and wedding guest photographs before I took Bride and Groom for a walk along what I like to refer (most likely incorrectly) to as the street. A charming and unusual feature of The Talbot is the long plant lined pathway which literally runs through the middle of the hotel.


Using both natural backlighting and off camera lighting with minimal direction we created a collection of photographs utilising this distinctive characteristic feature of The Talbot.

Before my photography coverage came to a conclusion, more fabulous rustic food was served in the Whitwell Room. Bride, Groom and Guests then settled in for an evening of food, roulette and a good amount of catching up over a drink.

If you are considering The Talbot Hotel in Oundle for your wedding and would like to discuss how I could record and photograph your wedding day you can contact me here.