Whats a thud on the door mat got to do with your wedding photo’s?

I believe the physical and tactile experience of viewing photographs is unique, I am old enough (just:) ) to have been lucky enough to send my 35mm negative films off to be processed. A few days later with a well recognised thud on the door mat my prints arrived and my photos came to life as real tangible creations.

Later in life the challenge I faced as wedding photographer was how to elevate the experience for every couple in a similar way? There are loads of okay-ish wedding albums around but I feel that photos which are loved and treasured as much as wedding photos surely deserve much more. After all why would you settle for something a bit worse?

The question was how could I raise the bar in terms of experience which every couple could have with their wedding photos? Just how great would be if every couple  I worked with could have the best album available? A truly crafted album with wow factor! Even more though I became so aware that many people just don’t have the opportunity to see what their photos look like when printed on the best paper. Obviously the price point was going to be a tad more than the bog standard but that shouldn’t matter if the results were miles better.

Couples who love their photos would have the very best, because their album was handmade to the very highest levels exclusively for them it would mean so much more.

The answer came in form Folio albums, a small UK company with big ideas and the ability to deliver the vision I wanted so much for the couples I work with. Like many of the finer things in life its often the combination of things like; attention to detail, higher grade materials and the care which goes into creating something truly special that makes all the difference.

With a leather fine art wedding album from Folio every couple can now have the best possible experience with their favourite wedding photographs,  and everyone can begin to  develop that special bond with a book which will last a lifetime.

In a similar way I did as an excited kid with a camera all those years ago when  I heard that recognisable thud on the doorstep,  now every couple I work with can  experience the tangible thrill  of opening the cover on their own album to reveal their favourite collection of printed wedding photos presented at their absolute best!

Dont just take my word for it – take a look for yourself

The leather fine art album is available in 10×10″ and 12×12″ and uses superb quality fine art paper which produces vibrant almost 3d looking high quality prints of your wedding photos. Each album contains from 70 photos and may be increased to hold over 200 photos over 80 pages!

See for yourself the level of effort and craftsmanship which goes in to creating these amazing and anything but ordinary wedding albums. If you have any questions or would like to arrange an in person viewing then please do drop me a line.

A film by Folio Albums

See the level of work which goes into every album