A vintage wedding celebration at Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon –  See the photographs and photo film (in production as of writing) from Sam and Matts ‘vintage afternoon tea party wedding celebration’ held at Hinchingbrooke House.

In the morning when I arrived at Hinchingbrooke House Sam  and her mother had almost finished the meticulous and time consuming task of setting out the huge collection of vintage crockery for their tea party later that afternoon. As well as photographing throughout their day including; preparations, family formals and the Tea Party itself one of my other major tasks was to photograph the extensive collection of vintage wedgewood on display. Honestly, I could have spent a couple of hours  photographing all of the different aspects of this room and its contents. So I made the decision to do the room and its contents the justice it deserved and settle for photographing with enough variety and attention to detail to show the the impact of the room as whole plus many of the quirky and intricate details.

Sam and Matt had gone to town decorating the rest of the huge rooms at Hinchingbrooke house including; an incredible effort including an amazing sweet bar (side-board!), welcome area, seating plan made from a vintage bird-cage! Plus an awesome wedding cake and a display  which paid tribute to their own past and that of their siblings and parents through a collection of photographs.

My day of photography was to be non stop and after I’d photographed the venue, rooms and details as extensively as was possible. I shot some photos’ with Matt & Sam around Hinchingbrooke house itself as guests began to arrive. After welcome drinks we used the timeless exterior facade of Hinchingbrooke house and gardens for some family and  wedding party photographs. Before we new it the afternoon was soon in full flow with what seemed like an endless stream of tea, sandwiches and cake were being served in the main hall. You can see Matt & Sam’s Pre-wedding shoot and wedding album here.

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So as to get plenty of variety with my photographic coverage I had planned to spend my time divided between Sam and Matts preparations and the photographing the venue and details. That way hopefully no-one would feel pressured or uncomfortable with me being around for long periods of time.

Hinchingbrooke_House_wedding_Photography-by_Peter_Redhead-Photography (10 of 94)

In keeping with the vintage theme; Sam had asked me to photograph her wedding dress, shoes and vintage jewellery as well as Matts cool suit.

Each table had been named after a wedgewood collection . Sam and her Mother had spent the months leading up this day scouring markets and the internet for what resulted in a fabulous collection of wedgwood.

Hinchingbrooke_House_wedding_Photography-by_Peter_Redhead-Photography (26 of 94)

Hinchingbrooke_House_wedding_Photography-by_Peter_Redhead-Photography (41 of 94)

Once they were dressed and I’d pretty much shot as much of the details as I could we spent 15-20 mins shooting some casual photo’s around the inside and exterior of  Hinchingbrooke house. The pre-wedding shoot a few weeks earlier had clearly energised them and they  very keen to grab some more cool shots of the two of them together.

I’ve included a selection of the images from throughout the entire day Hinchingbrooke House including the Tea Party, wedding formals and of course the first dance.

Hinchingbrooke_House_wedding_Photography-by_Peter_Redhead-Photography (94 of 94)

I was humbled to discover they had decided instead of having a traditional guest signing book, to use a collection of the photographs we had taken 4-5 weeks earlier during their engagement shoot. Printed on to postcards with instructions to write messages on the reverse. Truth be told I was and still so delighted and surprised that they thought highly enough of the images and were confident to share them with all of their guests.